iMovie 09

Video Editing Opportunities

As a student at Ross High School you will have many opportunities to shoot and edit videos. The media center has a multi-media lab dedicated to video editing. Your first opportunity will most likely occur during the quarter that you are enrolled in your health class during your freshman year. You will learn to:
  • use a storyboard to organize your ideas for a movie
  • use a camcorder to shoot video
  • download video clips to a computer
  • use iMovie '09 to complete basic video editing such as trim clips; record voice overs; insert titles, transitions, music and photos
  • share movie to iTunes
You may use the multi-media lab on your own after school. Many other teachers, besides the health teacher, will also schedule time for you to create videos to support the curriculum you are studying and in their classes.

Getting Started

  • Download video by connecting the power cable to a power source and by connecting the USB cable to the computer tower
  • Turn the camcorder on and put the "wheel" setting to the blue camcorder
  • Using the toggle on the camcorder scroll over to Printer/PC and push the toggle in
  • Once you see the icon for the camcorder on the computer screen, open iMovie
  • Choose File - Import From Camera
  • Select the clips to import and wait for them to import
  • Continue editing your video as shown in the iMovie tutorial below
  • There is no need to save; the program does it for you
  • View Getting Started with iMovie tutorial videos to better understand the above processes