Research Help

This section will help Ross High School Students to:

  1. Utilize the electronic card catalog that can be accessed in any Ross School at the following URL:
  2. Use public library's online card catalog and databases to supplement the resources in RHS media center.
  3. Access credible information on the Internet.
  4. Apply an evaluative process to all information sources chosen for a project.
  5. Investigate information and practice responsible usage and ethical behavior when using print and nonprint materials.

The information presented here was obtained through the following sources, which are available in the Ross High School library media center for closer examination:

Heath, Marilyn. MLA Made Easy: Citation Basics for Beginners. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2010. Print.

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers
: Seventh Edition. New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2009. Print.

Sebranek, Patrick, Dave Kemper, and Verne Meyer.
Writers INC: A Student Handbook for Writing and Learning. Wilmington, MA: Write Source, 2006. Print.

Pay attention to your teachers' instructions as they may have specific directions that they ask you to follow.