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Parenthetical Documentation

Parenthetical Documentation - MLA Style

Parenthetical documentations are used within the body of the research paper to refer to resources and the ideas of others.
  • The list of Works Cited at the end of your paper acknowledges what sources you used to write your paper. This list alone does not provide sufficient documentation.
  • You must also indicate within your paper exactly what information was obtained from each source and exactly where you found the information.
  • You do this by inserting a parenthetical documentation/citation wherever you use another person’s words, ideas, or facts. Follow this rule when you summarize, paraphrase and/or quote from another person's work.
  • Your parenthetical documentation matches the corresponding information in your list of Works Cited. You will usually write the author’s last name and page number(s) within parentheses. If the source has no author and is listed by title, use the title and page number(s).

Marx has explained this point (145-150).
This point has already been explained (Marx 145-150).